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Editor's Note: A Whole New World

“Assume the world is perfect right now. What does this world look like?”

I was asked this question at the height of a Covid-19 surge. Strangely, it made the insatiable and imperfect pre-pandemic word seem so ideal–free, fast, with everything practically at our fingertips, whether it’s booking our next overseas trip, having another fantastic meal, scoring tickets to the next big music festival, or having unrestricted time with family and friends. But this was also tempered by the perspective and experience brought about by the pandemic. The perfect world to me is what the ‘old normal’ could afford us and the little things that actually gave us life, with the appreciation and gratitude of the ‘now’ especially for everything we used to take for granted. 

Last month, for the first time in two years, I spent an entire day out and packed my schedule with a derm treatment, visits to new beauty stores, appointments with brand managers, and beauty shopping. In the pre-pandemic life of a beauty editor, a day like this would’ve been something we’d consider quite stressful. But this was, of course, different. As I sniffed perfumes, got lost in the most intriguing beauty conversations, and had my face plumped and refreshed, I remembered some of my happiest moments were actually spent in places like these. The best times always involved basking in the moment and had to do with feeling beautiful from within.

This first drop of The Beauty Edit[ed] Box for 2022 is themed Wellness featuring skincare, haircare, lipcare, and wellness products from brands we think are worth discovering right now, from clean beauty favorites to simple yet effective products that harness the power of nature. As you begin again and get ready for the world, we hope these essentials would leave you with a profound sense of newness and well-being as much as glowing skin and gorgeous hair. 

Early this year, we were part of Preview’s inaugural Creative 25, which recognized “resilient creatives who know all too well the grueling process of starting and restarting anew…” This inspires us to keep on beginning again if that means giving you our readers what you deserve and more.

All is well. The (brighter) world is opening up. Make sure to make time to stop and smell the flowers.

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