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About The Beauty Edit

Your Beauty Expert

The Beauty Edit is a trusted source about the obsessive world of beauty. It hopes to be the irreplaceable guide to the very best in makeup, skincare, treatments, the beauty industry and the people behind them. It is edited to be an educated take on various beauty topics and with a feeling for light-hearted storytelling. It also combines the highest level of beauty reporting in a social format with appealing photographs and layouts.

Filling A Gap

The Beauty Edit’s content is tailored and curated for social media and for discerning readers. It always aims for quality: essential information in engaging formats, captivating visuals, products and concepts that appeal to smart and tasteful beauty enthusiasts, well-written pieces, and exceptional executions.

Beyond the beauty journalist behind it, The Beauty Edit focuses on delivering editorial content that’s fun, honest, relevant, and useful for its readers. This is the gap The Beauty Edit hopes fills when it comes to beauty in the local social media arena. 

Approachable & Inclusive

The Beauty Edit features masstige and prestige brands and products in a tone that is approachable; and while its content may look exclusive, it is definitely not exclusionary. The Beauty Edit presents an inclusive world of luxury beauty. As a portal to the fountain of youth, The Beauty Edit will always be modern, fun, ageless, and youthful. 

Comprehensive Beauty Topics

The pillars that define the content of The Beauty Edit are makeup, skincare, beauty treatments, fragrance, wellness, haircare, nail care, and the people behind them and who use them, from industry experts and personalities to the women and men, the very consumers, who make the beauty world go round.