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Tory Burch’s Essence of Dreams Collection

Tory Burch’s Essence of Dreams Collection

Tory Burch’s Essence of Dreams collection

Essence of Dreams by Tory Burch is the latest scents repertoire from the fashion label with a mission in mind. It is a reflection of the designer’s personal journey and pursuit to live life filled with optimistic and bright essences captured in her fragrances–and share these with the world.

There’s Divine Moon that captures the essence of peace, Electric Sky for freedom, Mystic Geranium for joy, Cosmic Wood for magic, and Sublime Rose for love. As are dreams, we love how every scent in the collection is personal, a unique journey of discovery on its own.

Electric Sky

What makes it special: This is a scent that indulges your wanderlust. It urges you to get up and go for it when adventure calls. It is a fragrance for those who yearn for the kind of freedom that only traveling and exploring the unknown can give.

Scent profile and character: It opens up with a sweet and subtly herbal kick. The mineral quality of the cactus flower in the heart note comes alive early, giving this scent an aquatic yet green and aromatic accord as the lavender loops in. Settling into a drydown of soft yet dusty woody notes of palo santo and vetiver.

Great for: It’s a scent for the free-spirited, the ones who embrace spontaneity and surprise. As is the bright blue sky after a storm, the possibilities of adventure in one’s next destination are promising and endless.

Divine Moon

What makes it special: If you ever wondered what the Dama de Noche would smell like when enclosed in a bottle, this would be it. It is green, honeyed, and powdery–truly a curious and captivating scent.

Scent profile and character: The freshness of bergamot opens the fragrance like the brightness of a full moon. It interludes to the intoxicating heady floral note of Lady of the Night (Dama de Noche) to blossom at its heart with a touch sweetness of honey. It concludes with milky base notes of oriental sandalwood and almond acting like the clouds that softly frame the light of the moon.

Great for: Just like the moon is a symbol of femininity, Divine Moon is a fragrance for the woman who dreams to fully step into her feminine power. She is self-aware but leaves room for mystery. She is nurturing yet sophisticated, intuitive and honors her emotions.

Cosmic Wood

What makes it special: An herbal fragrance without the sharpness, Cosmic Wood is mildly aromatic and earthy in a very good way.

Scent profile and character: While the thought of animalic ambrette and spicy cardamom at the top might seem a little too forward, beautiful white floral notes of jasmine and sage at the heart of this scent ties it all together with its air of femininity. It winds down to a clean musky bed of vetiver–responsibly sourced, no less!

Great for: This is a scent for the corporate hippie who carries a crystal in her pocket. She sages the room when no one’s looking, takes sheer joy in walking around (and working) barefoot to get her creative juices flowing. She’ll choose beach clean-ups over luxury cruises and sees herself as a citizen of the world rather than a woman about town.

Mystic Geranium

What makes it special: It’s a happy scent through and through! Call it instant therapy in a classic apothecary bottle.

Scent profile and character: Mystic Geranium starts with a cheerful bergamot top note. Then it reels in a medley of fresh and light florals for its heart note, with aquatic lotus and geranium exuding a rose-like quality while leaning in more green. It dries down to a base of musk and cedar, just enough to keep things light.

Great for: A fragrance that is youthful to its very core, this scent is one to spray first thing after a morning shower, or on a Friday night to welcome the weekend, or simply to turn a bad day into a good one.

Sublime Rose

What makes it special: Just like how Tory Burch identifies her design philosophy as reimagined classics, so is Sublime Rose–a lovely scent that’s so simple and focused on a flower that’s been done and loved so many times before. A clean and fresh rose scent that’s undeniably enjoyable, it’s a perfect pick for the ones who want to celebrate being a woman.

Scent profile and character: The opening notes of rosewater make a gentle entrance to one’s journey into this rose-centered perfume, complemented by a mellow yet fruity blackcurrant. The rose journey deepens towards the heart with a solid rose note and a soapy floral freesia. Finally, an aromatic patchouli base note helps this rose perfume stick to its theme.

Great for: For those who’ve always wanted to try a rose perfume but are a tiny bit apprehensive of smelling a tad bit too intoxicating and mature, Sublime Rose is a good place to start. And for those who love the rose, it’s a match. Wear it for day-to-night feminine vibes, seven times a week.



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