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Inside The Box: Meadow Room and Linen Mist

Inside The Box: Meadow Room and Linen Mist


Room & Linen Mist in After Glow, Day Dream, or Chinoiserie 120mL 

It was a difficult task to choose which Meadow scent to include in this edition of The Beauty Edit Box because practically every fragrance under the brand is easy to love. But we ended up with these 3 anyway, some of the brand’s bestsellers with different fragrance personalities.

Chinoiserie is a beautiful floral with prominent green notes. As the brand notes, “it’s a walk in a moonlit garden,” and we imagine it’s a garden at your favorite summer resort. It has ginger flower, jasmine, lilac, passionfruit, lemon, leafy greens, vanilla. Day Dream is a fruity scent that reminds us of high school and crushes and Monday mornings with our high school besties. It’s playful, sensual, sweet with pink grapefruit, orange, jasmine, lychee, strawberry, white musk, woody notes. After Glow, a fruity floral, is one of our early favorites from Meadow. It has nectarine blossom, pear, wild berries, mandarin orange, jasmine, tiare flower, vanilla, orchid, coconut notes. It will remind you of many happy things and memories–prom night, your European getaway in your youth, or a sparkling cocktail enjoyed at sunset, the Meadow inspiration.

Meadow was founded by fashion designer Mariane Perez, whose feminine, girly, delicate style aesthetic also translates to the fragrances she creates for Meadow which offers candles and perfumes as well. “I wanted something that conveyed a sense of calm. When I hear the word ‘meadow,’ I am immediately transported to a place on a hill, with grass that I can lie on, wild flowers rustling in the breeze, warm sunlight, maybe a small cottage by the side, and a picnic basket somewhere with cheese,” she shares.

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