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Inside the Box: Two Lips Screen, Pout, or De-Crease

Inside the Box: Two Lips Screen, Pout, or De-Crease

Two Lips Pout


WHAT IT IS: Skincare lovers know that there’s nothing better than hyaluronic acid to moisturize and plump up the skin, and Two Lips’ Pout is a gentle and non-irritating serum for the face that does that tenfold while being also specially formulated for vulva skin.

While also sensitive, the tissue down there is drastically different from facial skin! It needs extra TLC to protect it from roughness, itching, loose skin, and wrinkles—and unfortunately, most women don’t know the need to moisturize down there. That’s where this powerhouse serum enters the scene: Pout contains 95% pure hyaluronic acid in a low molecular weight, allowing it to penetrate deep into the skin in no time (sucking in and holding in the water), replenishing the skin from deep within. Pout’s special formulation supports the structural and biochemical composition of skin cells, leading to healthier skin that naturally acts as a moisture magnet—maintaining hydration and plumping up the vulva skin. Simply put, this is gentle but hardworking skincare made for your face to down there.

JUSTIN’S NOTES: As someone who has sensitive skin all over, Pout has been
an absolute game-changer ever since I’ve introduced it to my intimate care ritual. I regularly wax, sugar, or epilate, and so I wash and exfoliate often because I hate that non-fresh feeling
or getting bumpy skin. Through time, I’ve realized the importance of not just keeping the vulva skin clean and dry, but to also moisturize and replenish the tissue. The vulva actually has a lower pH range than the face, slightly more on the acidic side, and Two Lips has formulated a lightweight serum in Pout that was made for the skin down there—mega-hydrating with no chance of breakouts and zero fuss.

EXPERT TIP: After thoroughly cleansing and patting dry the skin down there, apply 1 pump on the targeted area. A little goes a long way so 1 pump is more than enough! Gently pat until fully absorbed. Once the formula has been absorbed, follow with a gentle, gynaecologically-tested moisturizer.

Two Lips Screen

WHAT IT IS: Sunscreen for your intimate area? Yes please! Two Lips’ Screen is a pore-refining water-based sunscreen made with a prebiotic formula that combines skincare and suncare in one ultra lightweight gel cream formula. Screen features superstar ingredient niacinamide to help minimize the appearance of pores, provide effective hydration, and delivers comfortable protection to the skin in the intimate area. Containing SPF 50 PA+++, this ultra light gel cream shields skin from sun rays while protecting pores. Meanwhile, the prebiotic-rich formula supports the vitality of good bacteria that live on the skin, making sure the skin is strengthened, moisturized, and always healthy.

JUSTIN’S NOTES: Living in a usually humid climate, it can be discouraging to apply sunscreen regularly and religiously because the feeling can be sticky, hot,
or just downright uncomfortable. Like I’ve mentioned, a big concern for me is clogging of pores and bumpy, red skin caused by bacteria trapped caused by skin not being able to breathe is a real fear of mine. However, with Two Lips’ Screen,
I can finally rid myself of that worry and finally give my skin down there the sunscreen protection it deserves. Two Lips’ Screen makes good on its claims
and is really non-sticky, breathable, and absolutely perfect for the intimate area as much as the face. It also has pore minimizing effects.

EXPERT TIP: After thoroughly cleansing and treating targeted skin with safe, gentle formulas addressing whatever skincare concerns you might have, apply 1 to 2 pumps of Two Lips’ Screen on clean, dry skin. It takes just a teensy bit longer than other Two Lips’ products to absorb, so do leave it on to absorb and not rush it (if time permits) so that you can make sure you get the most out of the final step in your routine. Just as with all other parts of your body, it is ideal to reapply Screen every couple of hours throughout the day, especially when the concerned skin area is exposed to sun or tanning treatments.

Two Lips De-Crease

WHAT IT IS: Say hello to smoother, firmer, and brighter skin with
Two Lips De-Crease, a gentle and lightweight antioxidant cream that revitalizes and nourishes your skin. This fast-absorbing ultra hydrator contains a high dose of 
Marine Water Microalgae which stimulates skin cell renewal to effectively repair damage to the skin. Packed in the formula, too, is Baikal Skullcap which delivers powerful antioxidants to protect the skin against free radical damage and reduce inflammation. This non- greasy moisturizer also contains Green Tea Extract and Vitamin C which shield the skin from harmful UV rays and prevents further collagen breakdown, allowing skin to restore its natural moisture and youthful bounce. Unlike other creams, De-Crease is really lightweight and non-clogging, making it a great moisturizer to improve the skin texture and tone down there.

JUSTIN’S NOTES: Prior to trying and discovering De-Crease, I’ve been wary of moisturizers and creams for the intimate area because I worry about clogging pores or trapping bacteria in the skin down there. De-Crease, when paired with a safe-for-your-vulva serum, is a great addition to help and address bumpy skin, dryness, and itchiness, especially following a waxing or IPL treatment. It works its magic by helping keep skin comfortable and moisturized, without leaving a sticky or greasy feel. Using this antioxidant-rich cream regularly allowed the skin in my intimate area to repair after hair removal treatments, tight clothing, excess stress, and prolonged exposure to sun and other pollutants. (Read: De- Crease has been very effective in repairing and replenishing moisture, while simultaneously allowing my skin to breathe.) Apart from a noticeable improvement in skin texture, using De-Crease has also helped with my skin tone—brightening some darker spots (from bumps and irritations) and minimizing visible pores.

EXPERT TIP: After using a gentle serum such as Two Lips’ Bumpps or Pout, allowing that to dry and absorb into skin, apply and pat just 1 pump of De-Crease on the treated area each night. Just like all other Two Lips products, a little goes a long way. De-Crease is an absolute godsend when you use following hair removal treatments such as IPL, laser, waxing, sugaring, and more. While it is non-clogging, still try to wear loose and comfortable clothing for a few days following those treatments. De-Crease works best when used regularly and continuously, and can even prevent breakouts and bumps down there when incorporated into your intimate area routine properly.