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Lift Me Up: A Closer Look at Belo Skin Reboot and Allora Powerfacial


The past decade was witness to the influx of non-surgical and non-invasive skin lifting treatments that use either radiofrequency and ultrasound energy to stimulate collagen production by heating deep layers of skin. Over the years, the technologies behind these machines have improved so much, allowing both immediate and dramatic results over time–and with minimal pain for many. Depending on specific skin conditions and the desired results, dermatologists can recommend which treatment suits a patient best.

Refresh & Reboot

There are two considerations Skin Reboot may be ideal for you: if you’re in your 20s and looking for a non-invasive, practically painless procedure to treat the early signs of skin laxity and aging or if you’ve done higher-intensity annual treatments like Ultherapy and Thermage and would like an in-between maintenance. 

Skin Reboot is the first technology to use endothermal energy–a combination of radiofrequency and direct current—to lift, tighten, redensify, and decongest the skin. “The RF energy produced in the deep tissues tightens the skin,” according to Belo Beauty, “while the direct current allows the effective penetration of a skin-rebuilding plant-based treatment emulsion.

We liked Skin Reboot for 3 reasons. First, it’s painless. The treatment is relaxing–the polar opposite of many treatments we’ve come to endure–so much so that some people actually sleep through it. Second, it comes with 2 facial applicators, including one for the eye area. This means that it can tackle skin laxity across different areas from the face and eyes to the neck in one treatment, as opposed to others that require separate bookings. And finally, it works. The rejuvenating effect is instant, but a tighter, fresher, and lifted face is more apparent on Day 2 to 3, making it the perfect treatment right before a special event or occasion.

The treatment takes about an hour, where the nurse or doctor first applies a skincare cream or a conductive emulsion, “enriched with plants-derived active ingredients encapsulated in liposomes,” shares Belo Beauty. “Traditionally, dermal treatments are carried out in two phases: first, stimulating vasodilation and then causing active ingredients to penetrate down into the deeper layers of the skin. With Skin Reboot,  both objectives are achieved simultaneously.” As the currents help deeper penetration of the ingredients in the emulsion and increase the temperature in the dermis, ultrasound waves work for an immediate four-fold effect, from the stimulation of blood flow and activation of cellular renewal to contraction and tensing of collagen fibers. Over time and till the next treatment (ideally after 2-3 weeks), new elastic fibers are formed and the architectural support of the skin is strengthened, expression lines are reduced, and the facial contours are more refined. P15,000 / session at Belo Medical clinics nationwide.

Allure of Allora 

Allora Powerfacial is Belo’s latest cutting-edge aesthetician-performed treatment for skin rejuvenation in different skin layers. It performs four treatments combined in a single 1-hour session: jet-powered crystal dermabrasion, skin- toning electroporation, central-focused ultrasound for skin tightening and lifting, and infrared laser for faster skin recovery. According to Belo Beauty, “having Allora Powerfacial done is like having  Glass Skin Facial, Powerpeel, Inara, and ‘baby Ultherapy’ in one.” The recommended number of treatments is between 2 to 3 in a month.

How does it work? “After a thorough full facial cleaning by your aesthetician, dead skin cells and oil are removed from the topmost layer of the skin using AbralaseTM, where exfoliative crystals are propulsed onto the skin by pressurized air while simultaneously biostimulating the skin with infrared light. Nourishing serums are then infused into skin pores through electroporation. Finally, Central Focused Ultrasound (CFU) delivers controlled heat energy beneath the skin, stimulating the body’s regenerative response. 

What’s interesting here is that Allora’s CFU applies ultrasound beams to treat the skin in all layers: dermis (1.5mm), deep dermis (3.0mm), and the SMAS or superficial muscular aponeurotic system (4.5mm), similar to something like Ultherapy. Although its results may not be as dramatic as these once-a-year treatments, Allora could be an ideal alternative for gentle and gradual lifting of the skin and smoothening of lines and wrinkles. It can also help maintain the effects of a previous Thermage, Ultherapy, or Sofwave treatment. The full 3-part Allora Facial is P13,000 per session at all Belo Medical clinics nationwide.