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Maison Francis Kurkdjian is one...

Maison Francis Kurkdjian is one...
Go To Post     Maison Francis Kurkdjian is one of the more niche luxury fragrance brands we’re lucky to be available and easily accessible in Manila. If you haven’t tried anything from the fragrance house or if you love your current MFK and want to discover more, its Fragrance Wardrobe for Her is an ideal collection to splurge on. It is everything you would expect from a luxury fragrance house. The travel bottles at 11mL each are big and feel more premium and feature bestsellers from the range with 8 fragrances. It’s a collection for all your moods with picks that could take you from day to night.

Amyris femme is fruity floral; Aqua Celestia forte is floral citrus; the famous Baccarat Rouge 540 is a woody amber floral; gentle Fluidity édition Gold is a long lasting, addictive musky oriental; L'eau À la rose is a fruity floral sweet rose; OUD satin mood is a warm oriental floral; Petit Matin is a woody citrus; and finally, Aqua Universalis forte is a clean musky floral, a more intense version of the iconic Aqua Universalis.

When I wrote about Aqua Universalis for Town&Country many years ago, I called it the “cleanest-smelling luxury scent ever” and I’d say that rings true till now, even after many new perfume discoveries. It was also my first MFK, which was a gift in my early 20s. I bought a bottle last week and was transported to those bright days of my youth.

Clean in every sense of the word, it brings fresh-out-of-the-shower and newly washed laundry scents together without losing the refinement, luxury, and quality known to Francis Kurkdjian, the celebrated nose in the fragrance industry, named one of France’s greatest perfumers by the French Ministry of Culture.

Opening with sparkling fresh lemon blossom and bergamot that holds on as a unisex fragrance, it dries down with the depth of a light musky-woody cedar and a soft dewy rose combined. From that point, the wonderful fresh smell takes over. With its sweet-as-a-kiss orange blossom and lily of the valley bouquet, brightened with citrus notes and a burst of aldehydes on a cottony cloud of white musk, it is possibly the most polished interpretation ever of the clean, natural scent.

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