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Find a full-size 150mL bottle of this Gentle Facial Cleanser in Volume 2!

Gentle enough to be non-drying and non-stripping but hardworking enough to remove dirt and makeup, this plant-based cleanser by homegrown, internationally acclaimed brand Pili Ani will transform your daily face washing habit into an indulgent ritual. Infused with elemi oil, it smells relaxing on first touch as it slowly lathers up before leaving your skin refreshingly supple and clean.

Something to note about this dermatologist-tested formulation? It’s a low-pH cleanser at level 5 to 6. Water is at a neutral pH of 7; any number lower than that means it’s acidic and higher than that means it’s alkaline. Our skin’s pH level is between 4 to 6, which means it is naturally slightly acidic. It’s important to use products with a pH that’s close to our skin’s for it to function optimally. Low pH cleansers like this one by Pili Ani typically preserve the skin’s protective lipids and work for all skin types. ✨

More details and tips in the mini mag that comes with Volume 2. Launch details will be revealed soon. In the mean time, sign up for early access at the link in our bio. ✨✨✨
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