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This last step is...

This last step is...
This last step is something most us skip, but setting our makeup is actually the best way to make the look last longer and hold better and ensure it doesn’t transfer to your phone when you take a call or your facemask. The best setting sprays can be counted on for that. This new Benefit Super Setter, the brand’s first setting spray, does even more with some pore blurring action, all while locking in makeup for up to 16 hours.

Of course I didn’t make it past the 16-hour test—my face was begging to be washed at 8pm—but I was really impressed by how it held my foundation at its prime for over half a day. I did a tissue transfer test, and was surprised at how it didn’t budge. It also didn’t transfer to my phone after making calls. Another notable feature is its spray nozzle, which delivers superfine mist necessary for an even application. It’s a Super Setter, indeed.

Beauty junkies know that polymers are the main ingredients of setting sprays, which typically work like a shield after their polymer droplets dry over the skin. A light film, usually waterproof, sets and holds your makeup. The Benefit Super Setter uses one of the most common polymers in setting sprays called PVP or polyvinylpyrrolidone for a truly long-lasting hold, and dimethicone/​vinyl dimethicone crosspolymer, a silicone which gives a silky, smooth finish (aka pore blurring effect).

The @benefitph Super Setter is now available at! If you’re planning to get it, you can use our code THEBEAUTYEDIT to get 10% off your total 🛒🤩
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