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We sometimes get asked if...

We sometimes get asked if...
Go To Post     We sometimes get asked if we use local beauty brands. This box is a resounding testament to our answer which is of course! Welcome to Volume 3 of The Beauty Edit[ed] Box, a celebration of some of the best homegrown brands we are proud to call our own.

Here are some common Qs we get and so we’ve collated these again for this quick FAQ.

The Beauty Edit VIP Clubbers will get first dibs on June 26. For those who didn’t get to register to that, you can check out starting midnight on June 27 when the site goes public. We hope you will love this box as much as we did.

We are taking a short break after this box with a longer launch interval so make sure to grab this one! ❤️ Thanks for making our dream come true. Seeing all your posts, messages, and feedback about the earlier volumes is exhilarating. 🙏
The Beauty Edit