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What takes the most time...

What takes the most time...
Go To Post     What takes the most time to do for The Beauty Edit(ed) Box are mini magazine and the box sleeve, believe it or not. We go through the same process as a traditional print magazine would—from producing, writing, and editing to proofreading and overseeing final edits and color corrections at production and the printers. It’s an indulgent process for me, however, who lived through the glory days of print and worked for a glossy for over 14 years.

For this volume we worked with 3 artists who made the process as seamless as possible and for whom we will always be grateful. Isabel Malicdem was our layout artist for this issue. JP Meneses created the collage art for the box sleeve. Alysse Asilo did the cover illustration.

I’ve been dreaming of the outside world and all its Old Normal glory for over a year now. In the process, and in knowing we’re staying indoors much longer, I’ve also learned to transform spaces in the house into self-care sanctuaries, whether it’s to drink a cocktail or a glass of wine, have a DIY facial, play with makeup, indulge in a skincare ritual, or simply enjoy reading subscriptions on the iPad. These daily escapes, albeit simple, can apparently make people feel alive and make what’s here and now feel special. The illustration on the cover by Alysse mirrors these simple, sometimes magical pleasures.

We’ve also posted the cover option that didn’t make it as the last photo. ✨
The Beauty Edit