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Beauty Expertise & Experience


14 Years in Publishing, 6 Years in Digital Media

Nicole Limos Morales launched The Beauty Edit in April 2020. Before then, she worked at Summit Media for 8 years. She is the former managing editor of Town&Country Philippines. After working as features editor and beauty editor of the title’s print edition for 6 years, she helped launch in 2016, creating new concepts and story formats, analyzing data, and mastering digital audiences—establishing the title to become the Philippines’ leading luxury lifestyle website from 2016 to 2019. At the helm of the founding team of the website, she took the lead in growing its digital audience by 1075% and its page views by 1183% one month into its launch, hitting beyond targets for the website's first year and reaching over 600,000 luxury readers in the Philippines every month. She led a team that swiftly grew the brand's Facebook page by over 1000% in less than a year, relying on quality content for organic fan growth. She left her full-time position in 2019 to focus on the early days of motherhood and eventually establish The Beauty Edit.


The Beauty Edit's core strengths are expertise and experience.

“As much as I can, I create content that readers will learn from or find useful, rather than telling them things they probably already know. Here is where I also try to integrate the skills I’ve learned from being an editor and writer by profession and do my research, ask the right questions, master my topics and subjects, and interview doctors and industry experts for a deeper understanding of ingredients, products, and technologies. I also do not want to fall into taking myself too seriously—because hello, beauty is fun after all!—and so The Beauty Edit would have a lot of not-too-cerebral content too.”

Real Connections

With such niche content and as an editorial account first, The Beauty Edit knows that its audience will benefit more from organic growth and traditional ads in the long run. It hopes to grow its current following of genuine beauty enthusiasts and discerning beauty consumers. “I am aware from the beginning what kind of audience I am talking to. I want The Beauty Edit’s readers to be here because of its content more than anything. All my editorial efforts are directed toward that goal, and I’m happy to be enjoying the fruits of such efforts which include genuine engagement with The Beauty Edit’s audience, conversations and real connections with true beauty enthusiasts.”

True Beauty Enthusiasts

Beauty enthusiasts and discerning beauty consumers make up the audience of The Beauty Edit. Its content is instantly recognizable to beauty experts as it also appeals to a broader audience. Its engaged readers are knowledgeable about beauty. They are constantly looking for the next best things and innovations in makeup, skincare, treatments, and more.