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A Note From the Editor

A Note From the Editor

I don’t remember a time other than the stretch of the pandemic when I shopped for skincare and makeup this much. Retail therapy has never been so real; the convenience of online shopping is also a great enabler. Perhaps it’s a coping mechanism or an overcompensation for all the derma appointments I knew would not happen any time soon or an attempt for a semblance of normalcy—but as much as I’m in disbelief that a global scenario like this could actually occur in our lifetime, I am also in awe at how many more people shared my exact same sentiments. 

I’ve always believed that beauty, as much as fashion, is a great indicator of time. It will always be indispensably caught up with society’s way of life—changing, adapting to, and highlighting practices relevant to the times. With masks a daily part of treading the outside world, people have taken to defining and adding color to that part of the face that remains visible—and with that came the resurgence of and demand for all kinds of eye makeup. With the work-from-home setup came countless video conferences and presentations that called for camera-friendly products from lip color to cheek tints. People have also taken skincare more seriously with more demand for at-home solutions, if not hardworking products that could deliver youthful skin or benefits similar to in-clinic treatments. When I learned that many women still wear lipstick even under their masks, I realized something about beauty that’s pretty empowering: We do it for ourselves. 

When The Beauty Edit began at the onset of the lockdown, I was only sure of one thing—that I would make editorial content to fill what I felt was a gap in beauty social media. Ten months in and over 6,000 followers later, it has grown to become what I envisioned it to be and so much more. This beauty box was born from my own desire to buy subscription beauty boxes overseas (which proved to be inconvenient) and something I’ve long enjoyed doing: giving beauty products and curating them for friends and family.

The Beauty Edit[ed] Box is an editor-selected, premium beauty discovery box filled with deluxe minis enough for at least a month’s use and surprise full-sized picks. Everything in this debut box are my tried-and-tested favorites from some of the most reputable brands I’ve used over the years: Nars, La Mer, Aveda, Shiseido, Jo Malone London, and Anessa. I hope you enjoy this box as much as I enjoyed curating it for you and that you find something in it to add into your beauty arsenal. Keep me posted!