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Inside The Beauty Edit Box Vol. 10: Benefit Cosmetics

Inside The Beauty Edit Box Vol. 10: Benefit Cosmetics

Benefit Chacha Tint Lip and Cheek Stain

Benefit’s lip and cheek stain is one of the brand’s hallmark products, and its fan- fave status is testament to its research- backed formula that really works, not to mention its colorful, fun, and thoughtful packaging!

Dosage: Your lips and/or your cheeks. As a lip stain, apply on lips and layer depending on your preferred color intensity. For your cheeks—dot, dab, and blend! A pro tip: use two stain colors together for a unique custom look.

Best for: Daily use. Benefit’s Lip and Cheek Stains are long-wearing and come in non-drying formulas. It’s smudge-, kiss-, and transfer-proof, too.

What it is and what’s in it: A fan-favorite from the brand, Benefit’s multi-use tints for the lips and cheeks are available in a range of shades, too. There’s the fiery red Love tint; Playtint, a natural- looking flush; Floratint, a desert rose; the mango-tinted Chacha tint; the rose-tinted Benetint; and GoGo tint, a bright cherry. It remains as one of the brand’s most famed products for its lasting staining power, juicy and vibrant colors, and cute packaging with a doe-foot applicator.

You’ll be scandalously surprised to know the origins of the Benetint. Many years ago, Jean and Jane Ford, the founders of Benefit created a product that’s intended to tint the nipples, per request of an exotic dancer, who needed a strong tint tha t would last till the end of her performances, sweat and all. It was called “Rose Tint” — now more popularly known as the Benetint that’s become a cul fave.



P1,300 / 6ml