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Inside The Box: Bulgari Allegra

Inside The Box: Bulgari Allegra


Allegra Eau de Parfum or Magnifying Essence 1.5mL

Bulgari Allegra is a masterpiece collection and an ode to the Italian lifestyle, created by master perfumer Jacques Cavallier. Allegra is high perfumery at its finest with 7 beautiful perfume experiences in its core collection and 6 exclusive essences—a first in the industry—featuring singular notes for mixing with any Allegra EDP for your own unique scent and creating entirely new fragrances. 

We feature 5 of the EDPs and 2 of the Essences in this edition.Riva Solare (blue)—a sparkling citrus. It has a bright opening that includes Calabrian bergamot, a note created solely for Bulgari. Slowly orange blossoms take over along with neroli, Osthmanthus, and mandarin. It’s sultry musks make for a lasting base. Dolce Estasi is a sweet powdery floral inspired by the tenderness of childhood memories. Imagine powdered sugar, almond amaretti, and orange blossom. Fiori D’Amore is a fresh, velvety, fruity rose we are quite partial to. The raspberry notes ultimately modernize and temper what could be an explosion of roses with a variety featured here, and the result is a sensual, youthful, fresh rose fragrance that’s addicting and easy to love. Rock’ N’ Rome is inspired by the after party. Orange represents the Spritz, an Italian cocktail as sparkling and seductive as this floriental scent with osmanthus, apricot, and sweet benzoin gum. Fantasia Veneta is Italian sophistication in a bottle. A chypre fragrance inspired by the jubilation of the Italian fiesta, it has Indonesian patchouli, red peach, vanilla. A luscious, sensual, intoxicating fragrance to feel opulent.

The Magnifying Essences contain rich concentrations of precious materials distilled from the best harvests. These can be layered with the EDPs to reveal your own signature scent. Rose can add a multifaceted freshness and a delicate femininity. Vanilla, the most universally loved aroma can add sensuality.

SHOP NOW P10,450/50ml for the EDPs and P11,950/40ml for the Magnifyfing Essence;, Rustan’s Shangri-La and Rustan’s Makati, and via personal shopper 0917-111-1952