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Inside the Box: Dr. Franz Microcurrent Dual Mask at Belo Beauty

Inside the Box: Dr. Franz Microcurrent Dual Mask at Belo Beauty

Dr. Franz Microcurrent Dual Mask at Belo Beauty 


WHAT IT IS: You probably have a stash of sheet masks tucked away in your refrigerator for when your skin’s feeling thirsty or stressed. Typically packed with hydrators and active ingredients that target particular issues, popping a mask on before watching the latest episode of your favorite series is the perfect way to pamper yourself and decompress after a heavy week.

Dr. Franz Skincare takes the nourishing mask concept to the next level with the Microcurrent Dual Mask (available at Belo clinics and online). Key ingredients include retinyl palmitate — the gentlest form of retinol — to boost turnover; peptides to ramp up collagen production; panthenol to soften skin and reduce inflammation; and ceramides to lock in moisture. Available in Brightening and Anti-Aging variants, each box comes with two sets and each set comes with two masks.

First, the Enriching Mask — similar to the face masks you’re already familiar with, it contains “a boost of nutrients and micro hyaluronic acid,” 300 times smaller than the usual hyaluronic acid molecules for better penetration. Second, the Empowering Mask — utilizing the brand’s Tissue X microcurrent technology, this dry mask is activated with a Boosting Essence, then applied over the Enriching Mask to “send healing waves through your skin,” enhancing the Enriching Mask’s ability to tighten, tone, and target signs of skin aging.

REGINA’S NOTES: I always enjoy a novel take on skincare staples, and this was
no exception. The Enriching Mask was literally dripping with essence and applied comfortably on my face, with a good fit that clung to every curve and cranny.

The Empowering Mask, once activated, was very easy to place on top. There
really is a tingling sensation — a pleasant one! — indicating that the microcurrent technology was doing its work. My skin felt smoother, plumper, and more hydrated after the 25 minutes elapsed.

EXPERT TIP: Use the leftover serum in the Enriching Mask’s package (there will be some!) on your neck, décolleté, or any other part of the body that’s
a bit dry. You can also add it to the Enriching Mask before applying the Empowering Mask.