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This Derm-Approved Beauty Wand Roller Instantly Lifts

This Derm-Approved Beauty Wand Roller Instantly Lifts

I think I found the beauty roller to end all beauty rollers and I got it from the derma.

Meet this Beauty Wand Roller from NU.U Asia, a hexagonal metal roller with 30 germanium stones for the ultimate face massage (although they say it’s more like a facial workout).

The wand glides on the contours of the face like no other—and it’s so far the most relaxing thing I’ve done on my face since the pandemic. If you know and follow the famous Nurse Jamie, you’re probably no stranger to this very same beauty tool that she’s been raving about, and it really is incredible. I thought I was imagining things when I noticed visible lift after doing half of my face first, but then that’s apparently the effect. It’s instantly firming, but of course temporary.

Using the natural benefits of germanium stones and with its ergonomic design, this facial roller helps depuff eye bags and alleviate muscle tension, and works as an ideal product applicator too—all icing on the cake for me because I’m sold enough by the pampering and relaxing feel it gives.

The best thing about getting this from the derm like  NU U Asia is that you can consult medical professionals about proper use and even combine it with the right skincare products. I got this from one of my go-to dermatologists, Dr. Giselle Lazaro Maceda, the founder of NU.U Asia.

You can get the NU.U Beauty Wand Roller for P2,800 or in a kit with a face wash and a collagen and elastin gel / cream for P3,500. Just contact NU.U Asia at +63945 8656119

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