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Rare Beauty is a brand...

Rare Beauty is a brand...
Go To Post     Rare Beauty is a brand we’ve long followed through, from when its founder Selena Gomez began talking about it as her new endeavor to its @sephora US launch and every time it introduced a new product. We’ve tried many in its lineup and so you could imagine our excitement when we learned it’s finally coming to @sephoraph.

The Lip Souffle Matte Lip Cream in Transform—second from right—was our first Rare Beauty love. It’s a gorgeous deep wine shade that’s buildable, easy to control, and flattering. The applicator is commendable detail too, which picks up just the right amount of product and allows fool-proof, easy application. Here we also have Heroic (rightmost), a deep berry; Inspire, a bright red and Selena’s signature lip; and Fearless, a deep mauve rose.

Watch till the end to see how @rarebeauty global director of education and events Pearse Renfree, whom we met early today at @Sephoraph’s media roundtable, used the Lip Souffle to complete the model’s look.

Rare Beauty is exclusively distributed by Sephora. You can enjoy 10% off your cart when you use our code THEBEAUTYEDIT at sitewide and in-app. ✨
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