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My experience with @pilianiph started...

My experience with @pilianiph started...
Go To Post     My experience with @pilianiph started with its iconic Ageless Concentrate which I discovered last year. It was what converted me to skincare oils because it was very lightweight and it quickly absorbed. That was also the beginning of my discovery of more of the brand’s quality, well-formulated, and clinically tested products. I became such a fan of its gentle cleanser, for instance, so much so that I pushed for it to be included in The Beauty Edit Box Vol 2. The Ageless Concentrate, is something we put in Vol 3, which sold out in a day!

Early this year when the brand told me that it’s created a new evening skincare oil, which is this Selfcare Night Recovery Oil I could try ahead, I was very much intrigued and excited. The additional ingredients makes it a real skincare oil powerhouse. The botanical extracts and oils that it has are actually in some other products too, but as singular star ingredients. This one has many. All the botanical extracts also make it even more fragrant, if not better smelling and more relaxing, perfect for an even ritual.

I had some acne scars that it was able to significantly lighten, and I noticed my skin was soft and plump in the morning after using this at night. Because I knew that it delivers, I agreed to actually share the product to some of The Beauty Edit’s most discerning skincare enthusiasts and readers in their 20s, 30, 40, 50s in a blind sampling we recently posted about. We asked them very straightforward questions, what they like about it, where they think it can improve, what’s the effect on them, and more. I was also surprised by the feedback because nobody reported any breaking out or allergic reactions, which made me even more convinced it works on most skin types.

Watch till the end for a quick application video! You can also use your face rollers or guasha with this. ✨

Available at There’s an ongoing promo, you get 20% off your cart until August 15!
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