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Revealed! Sekaya is in! Vol....

Revealed! Sekaya is in! Vol....
Go To Post     Revealed! Sekaya is in! Vol. 3 features a Starter Kit of 6 packets of @sekayaph’s bestselling Raw Actives, a line of nutrient-dense, plant-based superfoods that are scientifically proven to boost health and keep you energized. If you don’t think you eat enough veggies and greens, these are perfect supplements to your diet, with each variant made from whole plant foods and minimally processed, allowing the nutrients and phytoactives to be intact and optimal when consumed. For instance, one scoop of Daily Greens is equivalent to 50 leaves of spinach and kale and a scoop of Powerbeet is equivalent to 2 whole beets. Barley Green is a great source of chlorophyll, good for detoxification and cholesterol metabolism. Then there’s Vegan Protein and Pea Protein too for reaching optimum levels of protein and micronutrients.

These packets may be mixed with water, smoothies, or yogurt, depending on your preference. The brand actually makes it easy with a prep guide and even recipes when you buy the full-size cans.

Smoothies and juices like orange and pineapple make for a good base for Daily Greens, Power Beet, and Barley Greens. Maca Factor tastes good with coffee, hot chocolate, or even almond milk. Vegan and Pea Protein can be mixed with overnight oats or even pancakes. Can’t wait to share recipes with you with this! ✨

This Sekaya Starter Kit is valued at P500. You get this in Vol. 3 with 8 other brands for just P2,300. Dropping on June 27 at
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