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Go To Post     Revealed! THE UNBRANDED IS IN! We’ve never been so thrilled about a skincare range being part of The Beauty Edited Box till this complete full-size set! This hardworking trio takes out the guesswork in building a skincare routine, simplifies what you need, and gives you results. Welcome to skinimalism. Premium skincare brand The Unbranded is here to light your way (and brighten your face).

As clean as it looks, its formulations are clean and free from mineral oil, parabens, sulfate, alcohol, and any other toxic or irritating ingredients. As a clean beauty brand, it is also honest and transparent about its ingredients. While it takes minimalism to heart, its products are actually packed and potent.

The Cleansing Wash has a lightweight, jelly texture that melts makeup, lifts dirt and debris ever so gently, leaving your skin barrier intact and balanced. It has squalene, sourced from olives, as a main ingredient, alongside other mild cleansing agents and skin brightening ingredients.

The Day Shield is an anti-aging, skin brightening cream and sunscreen in one. It uses mineral sunscreens zinc oxide and titanium dioxide for fool proof UV protection; fruit and plant extracts to protect from pollution and bacteria that causes breakouts; niacinamide as a key brightening ingredient; and hyaluronic acid and other ferment extracts for moisturizing and smoothening the skin.

The Overnight Cream is a dream, instantly giving a smooth and supple texture upon application. The next day effect is equally impressive, delivering a healthy glow overnight. With high doses of Centella Asiatica or Cica, a hailed ingredient in skincare in recent years for its ability to accelerate skin healing and collagen production, this cream helps improve texture and blood circulation in the skin. It has a cocktail of skin repairing and brightening ingredients from plant extracts and ferments, among other quality ingredients for a healthier, smoother complexion over time.

This set alone is worth P2,250. You get all 3 full sizes in Vol. 3 with 8 other brands for just P2,300. Dropping on June 27 at
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