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Inside The Beauty Edit Box Vol. 10: ZO Skin Health

Inside The Beauty Edit Box Vol. 10: ZO Skin Health

ZO Skin Health Firming Serum

When it comes to anti-aging serums, ZO Skin Health’s Firming Serum ranks as one of our top picks. What it does can be summed up in two words: firming and sculpting.

Dosage: Day and night, apply onto clean, dry skin.

Best for: When you want to zero in on anti-aging products that offer visible results.

What it is and what’s in it: ZO Skin Health’s Firming Serum is science in a bottle. Among its key ingredients include the Sodium DNA, which help define and sculpt the facial contour; ZCORETM complex, which aids in visibly sagging skin; and ZO-RRS2®, an exclusive plant stem cell complex that offers antioxidant benefits to fight damage caused by free radicals, such as wrinkles and fine lines, sagging skin, and an uneven skin tone.
Despite its super potent formulation, it has a lightweight consistency that’s mild on all skin types, including sensitive skin. We love how this not only makes our skin look refreshed and hydrated, it feels healthier, too.

ZO Skin Health is founded and led by world-renowned dermatologist Zein Obagi, M.D., who constantly tries to improve and advance its skincare line and makes use of science-based studies to formulate “medical-grade” products that promote healthy skin.



P12,600 / Big Size 47ml