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Inside the Box: LEV Candle

Inside the Box: LEV Candle

New Launch!
Handpoured candles in Fietsen, Hanami, Forelsket, or Phantasm, 3oz

This edition features 4 addicting scented candles by proudly Filipino label LEV, with 2 from its newest collection, which you’ll see here first! LEV is a winner in branding–it’s got that cool factor, memorable edgy campaigns, and a clear brand identity that appeals to the cool, chic, and refined. Beyond that, and more important, the quality of its candles is also impressive. Each piece is handcrafted and hand-pourn, and uses premium ingredients for the most discerning candle enthusiasts. The packaging, from the beautiful boxes to its prismatic jar, also reflects its candles’ upscale quality. 

What we love about LEV is that its scents are far from generic–these could please even fragrance snobs. We have 2 from Wild, Young, Free, which is as much a collection for the truly young Gen Z as a millennial throwback and obsession. 

Forelsket features black rose, plum, pink peppercorn, patchouli, and vanilla. It’s sweet, delicious, rounded, and as the brand says, “the euphoric feeling at the beginning of love… butterflies in your stomach.” This is an easy to love, nostalgic fragrance you’d want to keep on lighting. It’s pretty and feminine. Phantasm is edgy and exotic–a brave take on kush (aka cannabis) with cedarwood, hemp seed, marijuana leaf, and amber. It’s earthy, sweet, intoxicating, and well blended, it’s hard to put your finger on its notes–but the weedy whiffs are apparent. We actually love it. It’s a fragrance that grows on you, an acquired taste.

From the new collection, we have Hanami, our newest obsession, with yuzu, apricot, pear, hinoki, and patchouli. Fietsen is another interesting scent with goji berry, plum, patchouli, amber, and vetiver–it kind of smells like an ice cream shop in Japan for us, you’ll almost think it’s edible. 

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